Many people come for what they initially refer to as posture related discomfort or injuries. It would be unwise to underestimate the influence of bad posture, however limited a concept, where our aches and pains (organic or functional) are concerned.

In reality, “good posture” is no more interesting than “bad posture” because it usually ends up meaning an attempt, however brief, inconsistent or conflicted, to hold ourselves up with great effort into a rigid state having nothing to do with comfort or well-being.

Alexander coined the expression “the use of the self” because it is more complex than the generally gloomy ideas and reactions people exhibit trying to secure “good posture”. Also because it implies a chosen response to the demands of being, doing and gravity as a psycho-physical whole.

Yes, your posture will improve. Your ideas will evolve from posture being a fixed state to a conscious resting pattern mobilized into activity in a more integrated way and being essentially more subtle but no less dynamic than movement in space.

While working on your use throughout the day, you will start to notice an increase in your stamina for paying attention and being present, as well as a refinement in your power of observation and a more spirited will.

This phenomenon is, by far, the most interesting benefit of applying one’s self to learning the Alexander Technique as it enhances every aspect of life.

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Photo: Roxanne Lafleur