Alexander’s principles are conveyed through a unique touch aided by verbal and visual cues. A stimulus to act is given. A pause allows the student to become aware and prevent the harmful habits ingrained in the immediate reaction. This opens the way to a more coordinated response. Together, the student and teacher build a new integration of mind and body in activity. The experience and understanding gained during a lesson are taken into daily life.

You will be able to apply what you learn to your daily life immediately. Twenty lessons are recommended for a practical understanding of the technique. In the beginning, the frequency of lessons is more important than the length of the lessons to both speed up the process and have the teacher check for “dead ends”.

The first 10 lessons

  • A 30-minute plus a 40-minute lesson per week for 5 weeks are ideal.
  • Weekly lessons of 45 minutes are recommended thereafter.

After 20 lessons

Regularity is the key to continue to deepen your understanding of the principles and refine their applications. Students take lessons regularly or periodically.

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Francis Caron

Mr Alexander created what may be truly called a physiology of the living organism. His observations and experiments have to do with the actual functioning of the body, with the organism in operation, and in operation under the ordinary conditions of living: rising, sitting, walking, standing, using arms, hands, voice, tools of all kinds.

Education is the only sure method which mankind possesses for directing its own course.

Prof. John Dewey, american philosopher and educator


Just as you have the impulse to do something, stop.

Zen scripture (anonymous)

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